I have decided to spearhead a Citywide Day for the Missing in Philadelphia. The date is tentatively set for Spring 2006. Target location is in front of Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park. This will be an event for families and friends of missing persons. You are welcome to bring photos, posters, t-shirt and other items bearing the likeness of your loved one.

I am in the process of making arrangements for the event. I hope to gain the support of our local sports teams and maybe get celebrities from our area to participate in the event. I will have law enforcement officials speak to the crowd regarding procedures for filing missing persons reports and safety for individuals to prevent personal endangerment or future abductions. To offer your assistance or to participate in this event please contact me via e-mail at

In the press recently there has been mention of the racial divide in coverage for missing black females. In all fairness, I have seen very few missing white males with the exception of Richard Petrone. Nonetheless, before being thrust firsthand into this situation, I was unaware of just how many adults go missing yearly. If I was in the dark - imagine how many others are in the same position!!! Let's make the public aware of our situation and help to prevent it from becoming an even bigger epidemic.

To view photos of missing adults go to For information on beginning legislation for better police procedures when adults are missing go to and read about Kelly Jolkowski and her family's ordeal and what they did to make some good come out of her son's disapperance. Also see her daily blog We have to do what they did....MAKE NOISE TILL YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!


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