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I looked through the online news archives and found this article. It will tell a little about her disappearance for those who don't know her story.

It amazed me because I remember thinking at that time that it had been a long time for Brennie to be missing - The story was done in July 1997. It had been just 5 months since her disappearance.

Fastforward to March 2007. It has now been 10 years and 24 days since Brennie has been gone. It has been only God's grace and our faith that He will bring to light everything that was done in secret, that sustains us from day to day.

The strangest thing for me is that in 10 years, I have not been able to cry over what has happened. I watched a video last night of Brennie and I having a ball at a barbecue in 1993. As I watched, I immediately remembered our conversations, our laughter, our silliness. I felt a longing to pick up the phone and call her... but at what number? Not to mention the fact that she doesn't have mine.

I watched the video over and over but, I didn't cry. If anything it made me more vigilant, gave me another wind so to speak. So today, I place another post on this site that I have dedicated to her......and I wait for the day when we will be able to laugh together again!

Here is the article......

Philadelphia Daily News (PA)
July 21, 1997
Author: Jamal E. Watson, Daily News Staff Writer
Edition: PMSection: LOCALPage: 06
Estimated printed pages: 3
Article Text:

Karen and Harvey Smith refuse to give up hope.

Every day, the Logan couple think about their missing 25-year-old daughter and pray for her safe return.

Brenwanda Smith, a SEPTA bus driver for two years, has been missing since February.
``We believe that our daughter is still alive and there are certain circumstances that are preventing her from getting in touch with us,'' said Harvey Smith.

Despite rallies at the place where Smith was last seen - SEPTA's Luzerne depot in North Philadelphia - fliers plastered across SEPTA buses, and a $1,000 reward offered by her friends, police have no clues as to her disappearance.

``We haven't got a thing,'' said Lt. John Scholly, of the Cheltenham police, which is handling the investigation because Smith lived in the township.
``We've followed up on every lead possible, but we keep hitting a dead-end.''

At 4 a.m. on Feb. 18, Brennie, as she is called by family and friends, reported to work much like any other day. At 7 that evening, as she walked near the Luzerne depot - long after her shift was over - she told co-workers she was waiting for a ride.
After that, she vanished.

Smith worked as a hold-down operator - a job where she filled in when regular bus operators were sick or on vacation, said SEPTA spokeswoman Barbara Siegel.
The agency made up fliers and put them on buses.

Smith's parents said she worked long hours and saved her money to pay for the Lynnewood Gardens apartment in Cheltenham, where she moved in January. Before landing her job at SEPTA, Smith, a Central High graduate, attended business school for a short time, and worked odd jobs at a bank.

``She was excited about having her own apartment for the first time,'' said Karen Smith, owner of a hair styling salon.

On the day she disappeared, Brenwanda Smith had a minor traffic accident about noon on Broad Street near Girard Avenue while driving the Route C bus. She went to the depot to fill out an accident report, SEPTA officials said. She left work for the day around 1:30 p.m. Two SEPTA colleagues saw her about 7 p.m. on Old York Road, near the depot. She declined an offer for a ride, saying she already had one.

Police said it did not appear that Smith made it to her apartment that night.
``Someone saw her get into a vehicle,'' says DeJuana Price, a close friend. ``Someone saw her that night.''

Harvey Smith said his daughter did not own a car. Sometimes he picked her up from work. Other times, she caught rides with co-workers, or took the bus.

Erica Sterling, Brenwanda's best friend, said, ``If you paged her she would always call you back right away.''

Police also said they find no reason to suggest the young woman fled willingly.
``Everyone that we've talked to says she was hard-working and clean as a whistle,'' noted Lt. Scholly. ``It scares us the most that she had not made any contact with family or friends,'' said Detective Mike Santarelli.

Soon after Cynthia McCrae learned her cousin was missing, she began paging Smith twice a day.
It almost became a ritual for McCrae. Sometimes, said McCrae, her phone would ring.
She could hear a television in the background, but the caller never spoke. Smith's beeper was cut off May 30.

Meanwhile, family members try to cope, clinging to their faith to help them through the difficult period. They also continue to hope someone will come forward with information that will help reunite them with Smith.

Anyone with information about the disappearance of Brenwanda Smith should call Cheltenham police 215-885-1600.

Caption:PHOTOHarvey and Karen Smith with picture of missing daughter Brenwanda, a SEPTA bus driver who hasn't been heard from since last February (GEORGE MILLER/ DAILY NEWS)PHOTO
Memo:Mystery Disappearance
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