Due to recent events concerning Juan Covington alleged murderer (and suspected serial killer), Brennie's name has resurfaced on in the news. Let me just say publically that I have been involved with the search for Brennie since the day she went missing. I organized all rallies, prayer vigils and leafletting on behalf of her parents.

We went to her place of employment (SEPTA depot) and questioned many of her co-workers. Never once was there a mention of an argument with Covington or any alleged pursuit by him. It amazes me that two days after her disapperance, no one could recall anything unusual happening at work but somehow, now that it is eight years and five months later, police claim that someone informed them this so-called argument between the two of them.

From the start we received no help from the Philadelphia Police Dept. We were referred to the Cheltenham Police due to the fact that Brennie had moved into her new apartment in Chelten ham Township two weeks before. Why could they not handle it if she went missing in their jurisdiction? Now that they have this guy in custody, they have an opportunity to clear their books of a few unsolved crimes.

Media attention is another area that has me crazy!!! An article in the Philadelphia Inquire yesterday 8/4/05 written by staff writer Natalie Pompilio brings new light to police procedure and media attention when it comes to missing adults. I spoke with Natalie with regard to
Brennie's disapperance and expressed my dismay at the fact that there has yet to be national attention for a missing "black" person. I have followed many cases of missing women who have disappered under similiar circimstances as Brennie yet they make headline news in 23 -48 hours. I had to literally call in favors to get local news coverage, needless to say, Brennie's story never went nationwide.

Over the years, I have e-mailed Oprah, Montell, John Walsh and television's Unsolved Mysteries. I have received responses from none. I welcome all comments from everyone especially family and friends of THE MISSING!

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