Updated with photo!!!!! More sad news to report 27-year-old Ta-neke Daniels of South Philadelphia, whose May 12 disappearance has gone virtually undetected still remains missing. Unfortunately, police don't believe that Taneke Daniels, of 26th Street near Moore, simply ran off.

"She hasn't called me because she can't" said Gail Daniels, Ta-neke's mother. Daniels, the mother of three children, was last seen leaving her boyfriend's house, just days before he was to appear in court on charges of abusing her. Police say the boyfriend has been cooperative, and is not a suspect. But they fear that something bad has happened to her.

A photo of Ta-neke as promised.


Ol Cranky said...

I saw the first line of this and my heart sank. . .it's pretty sad that I found myself oddly heartened by the words "still remains missing" as sentence ended. I think the events of the past month have taught us (those of us with a conscience that is) a lesson - one I hope will maintain its freshness over time.

hil19146 said...

I had the blessing of knowing Taneke and really hope that you do well with this site unfortunately Tanekes life was taken to soon but hopefully with this site more of the missing individuals can be found unharmed
Hil19146 said...

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