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As I continue to keep "My Brennie's" face and name out there for all to see, I realize that I must continue to be a voice for others who have loved ones out there in the "land of the missing". In an effort to put as many names and faces out there as possible......I bring you today's spotlighted Missing Persons.

Marilyn Lanier, 45, was last seen on 3/20/2003 in the 7500 Blk of North Broad Street in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia. She has not been heard from since. Ms. Lanier is described as 5'11" with black hair and brown eyes. She weighs 110 and has a missing tooth or large space between her front teeth. If you have any information or have seen Marilyn, please contact the Philadelphia Police at 215-685-3258.

37 year old Robin Ellis, a pizza delivery person, was last seen leaving her employer, Woodland Village Pizza shop in the area of 63rd St. & Woodland Avenue in West Philadelphia on 12/7/2003. She had just picked up an order for delivery but never arrived at the residence to which the food was to be delivered. Her vehicle, a 1995 Hyundai Elantra (tag #FDY-7311) was found days later on the Northbound shoulder of I-95. Robin was known to have acted as a hack (illegal taxi driver) from time to time. She is described as 5'4" in height, her weight is 115. She has black hair, brown eyes and wears eyeglasses. Again, if you have any information as to her disapperance or if you know of her whereabouts, please contact the Philadelphia Police Dept. at 215-685-3258.



Because I was ill and missed posting yesterday, I posted twice today.
This story upsets me because of the child involved. Granted - many of the women I post about have children but, this child was abducted (although he was recovered) along with the mother and possibly witnessed what happened to her. The specifics of her case is listed below.

Date Of Birth: October 11, 1977
Age: 23 years old
Height and Weight: 5'8-5'9, 135-140 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Black hair, brown eyes. She has a gap between her upper from teeth.
Details of Disappearance Muhammed was last seen at her residence in the vicinity of the 1600 block of north 56th Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 30, 2000. Her two-and-a-half year-old son disappeared with her but turned up several weeks later when he was dropped off at a church in New Jersey by an unknown individual. Muhammed has never been heard from again. Foul play is suspected in her case.
If you have any information about Aesha or know of her wherabouts contact the Philadelphia Police Department @ 215.685-3257.


NBC-10 News Covers Local Missing Woman

Latoya Byrd left her residence on 3/27/2005 headed to a local mosque. Her father said she was never heard from again. Last night NBC-10 investigators ran a story called "Who decides what missing person gains attention?" They spoke with local law enforcement inquiring about how a missing persons investigation is run.

During this story that spotlighted Latoya, they showed her father and other family members wearing t-shirts bearing Latoya's image and handing out flyers with information on who to contact if you know anything about her case.

Slowly but surely we are getting somewhere! We need everyone's help to get the word out that there needs to be bettter laws and instant media awareness when adults go missing!


Shameeka M. Dixon-Gordon was last seen in Staten Island, NY on April 21, 2004. She has not been heard from since and like Latoyia, Lacy, and now Audrey - Shameeka was pregnant at the time she disappeared.

I e-mailed Shameeka's heart-broken mother and expressed my compassion for her. She explained her distress at trying to get her daughter's case noticed and the lack of media coverage for her daughter. She said that the only time the media contacted her was to get her reaction when the remains of a woman thought to be Shameeka was found in a local landfill. Fortunately, the DNA was not a match and it turned out to be someone other than Shameeka. I asked her to send me a photo of her daughter so that I may post her on my blog. I will ask my fellow bloggers to do the same. If you have seen Shameeka or have any information regarding her disapperance, Please call the New York authorities at 718-981-2583.

Fortunately for us, we have been contacted alot recently to do stories on Brennie. Until the day we find her we will never give up hope. I plan to do as much as I can to assist other families in the meantime. I am so inspired by Kelly Jolkowski mother of missing son Jason Jolkowski. I have been in contact with her alot lately and she is a great example of "what to do while we wait." Cheers to you Kelly!!!! You are a wealth of resources and information. Thanks for your assistance and advice in the Search for Brennie.

Anyone can find out about her story and her organization 'Project Jason' by checking out their site which is listed on my links.

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Updated with photo!!!!! More sad news to report 27-year-old Ta-neke Daniels of South Philadelphia, whose May 12 disappearance has gone virtually undetected still remains missing. Unfortunately, police don't believe that Taneke Daniels, of 26th Street near Moore, simply ran off.

"She hasn't called me because she can't" said Gail Daniels, Ta-neke's mother. Daniels, the mother of three children, was last seen leaving her boyfriend's house, just days before he was to appear in court on charges of abusing her. Police say the boyfriend has been cooperative, and is not a suspect. But they fear that something bad has happened to her.

A photo of Ta-neke as promised.

A Devastating End to A Valiant Search Effort for two Missing Women

I'm sure everyone knows that Latoyia has been found in Chester, PA. Unfortunately, the similarites between Latoyia Figueroa (right photo)and Laci Peterson's case are even more visible in that they met the same end. They both lost their life and the life of their unborn child to the father of the child they carried.

Also in Spartanburg, NC the year plus search for Tamika A Huston (above left) has ended after her boyfriend confessed to killing her over a year ago and disposing of her remains in a field outside of town. He was also charged with abusing her last March. A bitterweet ending for both families. Now there's closure....A closure we still don't have with Brennie!!!

Our prayers go out to the Figueroa and Huston families. Rest in peace Tamika, Latoyia and Nyla(baby).

Click here to visit our website. Help us find our sweet Natalee. <a

This site is part of the Philly Future community. Check out other Philadelphia weblogs in my region.

Aaron Green

Allen Briscoe, Jr

Nicole Gabriel

Today I am featuring 3 new faces of beautiful black Philadelphians who disappeared without a trace. 1st Aaron Green, he was last seen on 3/20/94, his vehicle was recovered in South Philadephia, he hasn't been heard from since. Next, young Allen Briscoe, Jr. was last seen boarding a bus on Woodland Avenue in Southwest Philly on 12/13/85. Briscoe a Bartram High School Student at the time was never seen again. Third Nicole Shavonne Gabriel a suspected runaway was last seen on 2/23/03. If you have any information on any of the featured missing persons, please contact Philadelphia Police.

I want to SCREAM everytime I read a new story about Brennie and this Covington guy. Why is it that you guys (the press) want to continue to torture her family and friends with talk that this guy could have possibly "murdered" her or that he is in some way responsible for her disapperance????

I suggest you all stop writing about things of which you know nothing about or do more investigation instead of going "full speed ahead" on hearsay!!!!

Here's the latest.....

Discover more about missing adults in Philadelphia and nationwide at the following link:


Latoya Byrd Missing since 3/27/05
Eulace "Bam" King missing since 5/3/03
Khalif Thorpe Missing since 7/7/05
Aesha Muhammad 11/30/2000
Latoyia Figueroa missing since 7/18/05

The public is now becoming more aware of missing African Americans. It breaks my heart to read about any grieving family however it exists in our community yet it goes unreported. Above I have included some other missing Philly people.

This is the "Beautiful Brennie! Posted by Picasa

To the blogger of The Disenchanted Forrest who quote " found nothing on Brenwanda Brennie Smith" except that she was being linked to the Juan Covington case....

Brennie was 24 at the time of her disapperance, she is one of the most beautiful human beings one could come to know. She is a loyal and dedicated daughter, sister and friend, with a voice that could melt your heart. I've never known her to be unfriendly or unkind to a soul. She would hug me everytime we met and departed and I always felt her sincerity. She loves her parents and her brother more than life itself and never would have left them or any one of us (her friends) voluntarily.

Many may wonder why I speak of her in the present tense - that is because I hold fast to the hope that one day she will return to us.

Due to recent events concerning Juan Covington alleged murderer (and suspected serial killer), Brennie's name has resurfaced on in the news. Let me just say publically that I have been involved with the search for Brennie since the day she went missing. I organized all rallies, prayer vigils and leafletting on behalf of her parents.

We went to her place of employment (SEPTA depot) and questioned many of her co-workers. Never once was there a mention of an argument with Covington or any alleged pursuit by him. It amazes me that two days after her disapperance, no one could recall anything unusual happening at work but somehow, now that it is eight years and five months later, police claim that someone informed them this so-called argument between the two of them.

From the start we received no help from the Philadelphia Police Dept. We were referred to the Cheltenham Police due to the fact that Brennie had moved into her new apartment in Chelten ham Township two weeks before. Why could they not handle it if she went missing in their jurisdiction? Now that they have this guy in custody, they have an opportunity to clear their books of a few unsolved crimes.

Media attention is another area that has me crazy!!! An article in the Philadelphia Inquire yesterday 8/4/05 written by staff writer Natalie Pompilio brings new light to police procedure and media attention when it comes to missing adults. I spoke with Natalie with regard to
Brennie's disapperance and expressed my dismay at the fact that there has yet to be national attention for a missing "black" person. I have followed many cases of missing women who have disappered under similiar circimstances as Brennie yet they make headline news in 23 -48 hours. I had to literally call in favors to get local news coverage, needless to say, Brennie's story never went nationwide.

Over the years, I have e-mailed Oprah, Montell, John Walsh and television's Unsolved Mysteries. I have received responses from none. I welcome all comments from everyone especially family and friends of THE MISSING!